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In the Media: Gut Microbiome and HIV Vaccines

Posted by Joe Fraone on Oct 23, 2015 1:45:42 PM

In a recent article in Hutch News, found here, the gut microbiome was shown to have a negative effect on the success of HIV vaccines. The recent HIV vaccine tested boosted production of antibodies that bind both the HIV virus and several intestinal bacteria. Researchers suspect that the HIV virus mimics common gut microbia that are not targeted by the immune system. Future vaccine trials will involve infants with undeveloped immune systems, hoping to circumvent the protective effects of the gut microbiome. In addition, future vaccine trials will incorporate gut microbiome analysis to further understand the link between vaccine effectiveness and the microbiome.

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On the Conference Circuit: Booth #7 at Global Engage Microbiome US

Posted by Joe Fraone on Sep 11, 2015 10:56:04 AM

CryoXtract is excited to participate in this year's Global Engage Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum in San Diego. The event on September 10th and 11th brings together over 200 industry leaders for engaging panel discussions, presentations and exhibition. Key topics include highlights of new microbiome research, discussions of venture and other capital investment in the field, and more.

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In the Media: Investigations in Interactions Between Gut Microbiota and Berberine

Posted by Joe Fraone on Sep 4, 2015 7:41:33 PM

A July, 2015 publication of a study in Scientific Reports found here investigates the interactions between gut microbiota and berberine, a dietary supplement used for the treatment of lipid- and glucose-related disorders.  In the study, researchers found that gut microbiota reduced berberine to an absorbable form in the intestine, increasing its effectiveness.  The authors conclude that there can be critical interaction between intestinal bacteria and orally-administered drugs and suggest that the effect of gut microbiota on orally-administered drug metabolism should be investigated during drug development.

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Rowett-INRA Conference Highlights Leading-Edge Research Advancements in Microbiome

Posted by Larry Chin on Jun 19, 2014 7:45:29 AM

The 9th annual Rowett-INRA 2014 conference, Gut Microbiology: From Sequence to Function in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK has attracted researchers from 38 countries to discuss the leading-edge research advancements in the area of the gut microbiome, and the role of the complex interactions in the digestive tract of both humans and animals.

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How Faecal Transplantation is Gaining Credibility

Posted by Larry Chin on May 28, 2014 7:45:24 AM

BBC article on the growing acceptance of faecal transplants as appropriate and useful treatment for a variety of conditions. To review the April 29th article, click here.

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