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Register Now for Our Pre-Conference Workshop at ISBER 2016

Posted by Graham Long on Mar 21, 2016 2:56:49 PM
ISBER's coming! Register for our April 5th pre-conference workshop entitled "Application of Frozen Aliquotting for Accessing Clinical Biospecimens: Stabilization of Labile Molecules in Tissue and Whole Blood" featuring Miral Patel, Matt Boeckleler, and Dr. Bill Mathieson. 
Miral Patel, Biorepository Manager at Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, is working with thyroid tissue samples from pediatric patients. "Frozen aliquotting eliminates the need for subjecting tissues to freeze-thaw, which is especially important for tissues that are exceedingly rare or limited in size. By consistently and conveniently dividing our samples in size while still maintaining their integrity, we can better allocate our resources and drive more research by providing specimens to a greater number of investigators.
Matt Boeckeler is Team Leader of Compound Management and Biobank Site Head at AstraZeneca.  CryoXtract's frozen aliquotting technology allows AstraZeneca to extend the use of their biofluid samples to allow for dual applications in a workflow, such as the testing of both DNA and RNA. Additionally, they are using CryoXtract's frozen sample aliquoter to perform incoming quality control on samples they've purchased.
"We are able to use one frozen tissue block for multiple research projects and can carry out project-specific and user-specified quality assurance tests on a cohort of biospecimens before deciding which of those biospecimens to issue to a particular project," said Dr. Bill Mathieson, Scientist at the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL). "The net result is a more effective and focused use of our biospecimen collections." Dr. Mathieson's lab has been using CryoXtrac't frozen aliquotting technology across multiple tissue types, including feces. 
To register for this workshop, visit:
and stop by CryoXtract's booth #71/74 during the conference. 

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