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Recently Published Independent Evaluation of the CXT350 Highlights its Ability to Maintain Sample Quality

Posted by Graham Long on Feb 5, 2016 1:41:34 PM

In a research article published in the January issue of BioPreservation and Biobanking, researchers investigated the ability of CryoXtract’s CXT 350 Frozen Sample Aliquotter to take multiple targeted cores from a single tissue or fecal biospecimen without thawing. Frozen aliquotting preserved both the highly valuable parent sample and the frozen aliquots. Once integrated into a laboratory workflow, the authors state that the CXT 350 can positively impact and maintain biospecimen quality for research.

One of the authors, William Mathieson, is from the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL). IBBL is an independent non-profit agency with a strong focus on supporting high-quality biomedical research. In addition to their biobanking services, the organization spends significant time and energy researching and promoting exceptional sample quality through the analysis of collection, storage, and sample handling practices. Many of IBBL biospecimen research projects are collaborations with academic or industrial partners, including ongoing research on fecal sample collection and processing for DNA analyses with CryoXtract.

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