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On the Conference Circuit: WRIB 2016

Posted by Graham Long on Apr 21, 2016 8:18:18 AM

With over 700 bioanalytical researchers frCryo-WRIB_booth_image-cropped.jpgom major pharmaceutical companies and CROs, this year's Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis held in Orlando, FL through Thursday of this week is an exciting place for CryoXtract to be exhibiting! Stop by Booth #47 to learn how CryoXtract’s frozen sample aliquotters help preserve the integrity and accuracy of data from bioanalysis in drug discovery and development. 

Drug development and pharmaceutical research relies on animal and human biospecimens, yet sensitivity of some compounds to common storage and handling practices can convolute analytical data and obscure scientific outcomes.  A collaborative study by CryoXtract and GlaxoSmithKline demonstrates the improvements frozen aliquotting can provide for the stabilization of small molecule compounds and peptides in a biological matrix intended for bioanalysis. See the poster presentation of this research at 

Topics: bioanalysis, WRIB