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CryoXtract and Metanomics Health to Co-Market Screening Assay for EDTA Plasma Quality

Posted by Graham Long on Sep 30, 2016 3:58:59 PM

Eliminate outliers based on sample quality, audit collection sites, and determine fit-for-purpose for retrospective samples. The MxP® Quality Control Plasma assay utilizes proprietary software algorithms to screen metabolomic profiles generated via GC-MS and detect deviations in sample handling.

Poor sample quality can affect data accuracy and delay trial results. Controlling sample quality is critical. 

  • Was the correct vial used?
  • Was the sample processed in the specified time frame?
  • Was the sample stored properly?

The MxP® Quality Control Plasma assay identifies pre-analytical deviations and assigns a quality score that can be used to determine fit-for-purpose for clinical samples. Frozen aliquotting enables resarchers to evaluate the quality of clinical samples without thawing, preserving the samples for further downstream analysis.


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