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CryoXtract and Metanomics Health to Co-Market Screening Assay for EDTA Plasma Quality

On the Conference Circuit: Japanese Society of Pathology Annual Meeting

On the Conference Circuit: WRIB 2016

Register Now for Our Pre-Conference Workshop at ISBER 2016

In the News: FFPE or Frozen?

Significantly Decrease the Bioanalytical Impact of Analyte Degradation in Thawed Biological Samples

Recently Published Independent Evaluation of the CXT350 Highlights its Ability to Maintain Sample Quality

Executive Spotlight: Marie Gouin

CryoXtract is Finalist for the SLAS Innovation Award

In the News: LESA-MS

Executive Spotlight: European Sales Manager Jay Champaneri

On the Conference Circuit: The National Biobank Symposium in Berlin

On the Conference Circuit: BMB2015

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In the Media: Gut Microbiome and HIV Vaccines

On the Conference Circuit: Booth #7 at Global Engage Microbiome US

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In the Media: Integrated Data and Personalized Medicine

In the Media: Statistical Disclosure Control Model

In the Media: The President's Precision Medicine Initiative

CryoXtract to Present Webinar on July 22, 2015

In the Media: Danone Uses Model Intestinal Tract to Understand the Gut Microbiome

In the Media: Alzheimer's Study Utilizes Proteomics Panel Technologies

In the Media: Careful Sample Handling Critical for Biobanks

In the Media: NCCN Hosted Policy Summit

In the Media: The Blood Microbiome

On the Conference Circuit: CryoXtract Presents Poster at ASMS 2015

In the Media: IBBL Spotlight on Sample Quality Preservation

In the Media: Study Links Micro RNA Molecules and Chemotherapy Response

CryoXtract's News From ISBER 2015

CryoXtract Presents 2 Posters on May 6th at ISBER's Annual Meeting

New Application Note Debuted at SLAS2015 Highlighting GlaxoSmithKline and CryoXtract Collaboration on ex vivo Stabilization of Small Molecules and Peptides

CryoXtract Participates in SLAS2015

In the Media: Anti-inflammatory Proteins May Cause Alzheimer's Plaque

In the Media: Antiobiotic Resistance and the Quest for New Drug Therapies

In the Media: Microbiome and Parkinson's Disease Linked

In the Media: Study Hints Gut Microbiome Plays a Role in Multiple Sclerosis

In the Media: MIT and Mass General Researchers Team Up on New Microbiome-Based Therapies

In the Media: NHS Genome Project and 'Lensless' Cancer Microscope Offer New Year Research Hopes

Dr. Peng Wang of the Beijing Biobank of Clinical Resources Emphasizes China’s Critical Role in the Future of the Industry

ESBB: A Call for Increased Pharmaceutical and Biobanking Industry Collaboration and Standardization

Frozen Sample Aliquotting Can Preserve Quality of CNS Tissue & Biofluid Samples: CryoXtract Poster, ESBB 2014

ESBB 2014: CryoXtract Will Present Two Posters and Showcase the CXT350 Frozen Aliquotter

In the Media: First Disease-Specific Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line by Nuclear Transfer

CryoXtract and INRA Collaborative Study

In the media: Individual Investigator Profiles of Biospecimen Use in Cancer Research

Listen to the Audio: Interview with Dr. Cathie Miller, WHEATON® Industries

Standardization Critical in Modern Lab Environments

Beijing Biobanking Meeting Promotes Adoption of Standardization & Best Practices in China

In the media: Storage of Human Biospecimens: Selection of the Optimal Temperature

In the Media: Label-free, Sequence-Specific, Inexpensive Fluorescent DNA Sensors

In the Media: Policy: An intergovernmental Panel on Antimicrobial Resistance

Rowett-INRA Conference Highlights Leading-Edge Research Advancements in Microbiome

CryoXtract’s CXT350 and the WHEATON CryoELITE Frozen Tissue Solution

In the media: Placenta Home to Diverse Bacteria that May Affect Newborn

ISBER 2014: Engaging the Biobanking Community in Focused Discussion on Evidence-Based Practices

Biobanking: What and Why.

How Microbes Defend and Define Us

How Faecal Transplantation is Gaining Credibility

Listen to the Audio: Interview with Dee McGarvey, Director, CHTN Eastern Division, University of PA

CryoXtract & TTP Labtech Joint Workshop at ISBER 2014

Biobanking Industry’s Growing IT Demands Must Be Addressed as Part of Best Practices for Maintaining the Integrity of Research Samples: Interview with CHTN’s Dee McGarvey

Attend ISBER 2014 Workshop: Managing the Past for the Future

The Paradox of Investing in the Microbiota Field

Gut Microbiota for Health 2014 Summit Replay

Listen to the Audio: Interview with Andy Zaayenga, Managing Director of SmarterLab and President-Elect of ISBER, 2014-2015

ISBER Developing Global Biorepository Locator, President-Elect Zaayenga Says in Interview

The Effects of Temperature as a Pre-Analytical Variable on Sample Stability